About Our Institution

Five Continents Innovators, operating under the oversight of Silkroad Innovators since 2011, is dedicated to pioneering innovative methods that enhance learning and educational content.

Our primary focus at Five Continents Innovators revolves around improving education, particularly for diverse groups, with a strong emphasis on human resources development. We achieve this goal by creating educational infrastructures that leverage top-tier educational resources. We remain committed to expanding our range of services and keeping them current with the latest methods and technologies


Five Continents Innovators takes pride in holding various virtues in providing educational services to its audience. Here are some of these vantage points:

  • Innovation in Teaching Methods
  • Providing an interactive, progressive, and autonomous learning process with the intention of encouraging learning itself
  • Improving various life skills of educators and learners 
  • An emphasis on the delicate nature of teaching children at a young age as a focal point in shaping personality and worldview
  • An emphasis on authenticity and being original
  • an emphasis on constantly educating teachers and educators
  • Highlighting the prevalent role of families in learning and their effective participation
  • Creating an interactive and effective international learning environment through innovative and modern teaching methods
  • Supporting Innovative and Creative Ideas
  • Developing Education Teams and Education-related Ideas

Why Us?

Five Continents Innovators holds an official license from Iran’s Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, and the State Welfare Organization of Iran. This Institute is affiliated with the American TESOL committee and the British IATEFL. It collaborates with several international institutions and universities, including Oxford, Colorado State University, University of St. Andrews, Wimbledon School of English, British Council, English in Chester, Pearson, and Frisby College.

Aghil Gharaee

Chief Executive Officer

Five Continents Innovators

With over two decades of experience in education and several years of dedicated research into language learning methods, Dr. Gharaee has always been committed to delivering the most effective learning approaches to his audience.

Since 2001, as the CEO of Five Continents Innovators, he has harnessed his own and his team’s capabilities to enrich the learning experience of students and create opportunities not only in Iran but also globally.

Dr. Gharaee has successfully introduced innovative teaching methods, contributing to the advancement of education.

Five Continents Innovators takes great pride in providing education services that adhere to international standards and benchmarks.

Our institute conducts various Standard Assessment Tests, designed to evaluate the four main English language skills, harmonize learning across a spectrum, identify learners’ strengths, and assess educators’ performance.

Operating as an educational services institute, Five Continents Innovators is dedicated to enhancing educational methods.

In line with this mission, Five Continents Innovators has formed an education committee comprised of international experts. This committee is actively engaged in the following areas:

1. Conducting Teacher Training Courses and offering post-course support for graduates over the subsequent 20 months.
2. Developing educational content and ensuring updates under the guidance of English language experts and accomplished authors for all age groups and proficiency levels.
3. Providing comprehensive educational packages, including content-based, online, and in-person options.
4. Extending educational support through hotlines, online platforms, and clubs.
5. Elevating General English proficiency while concurrently honing the four primary language skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.
6. Offering English for Specific Purposes (ESP) across a wide array of fields and competencies.
7. Organizing engaging book and movie analysis sessions through dedicated clubs.
8. Fostering technological advancements and fostering direct connections between the academic sphere of universities and the job market.
9. Facilitating student opportunities to study abroad and offering valuable university recommendations.
10. Generating business prospects and contributing to overall employment growth.

The teaching materials integrated into Five Continents Innovators’ programs comprise courses developed by educators and experts hailing from various countries, such as the UK, India, Sweden, and Iran.

Course books, workbooks, Audio/Video (AV) resources, games, flashcards, and practice sheets utilized by Five Continents Innovators are thoughtfully crafted to deliver maximum improvement in the most time-efficient manner possible.



Financial Assistance for Students:
We offer financial aid to support students in their educational journey.
Collaboration with Entrepreneurs and Academics:
We partner with individuals who bring forth innovative business or academic proposals and ideas.
Investment in Knowledge-Based Production:
Our commitment to investing in knowledge-based production methods.
Student Recommendations to Companies:
We connect students with opportunities by recommending them to reputable companies.
Education and Successful Entry into the Job Market:
We assist students in achieving academic success and preparing for the job market.
Student Support
University Recommendations:
Guiding students to various universities that suit their aspirations.
Educational Support:
Providing comprehensive support through research papers, conferences, seminars, and more during educational events.
Recommendation of Professors:
Suggesting suitable professors for those seeking recommendation letters.
University Field Trips:
Organizing field trips to universities to inspire and motivate students.
Skill-Based Degrees and Certificates:
Offering skill-based degree programs and certificates to enhance candidates’ expertise, including professor and book recommendations.
Certifications Upon Course Completion:
Recognizing students’ achievements with certificates upon finishing their courses.
English Education
Teaching English:
Delivering English instruction at all proficiency levels.
Writing, Translation, and Speech Courses:
Offering courses in writing, translation, and public speaking in English.
Online and Offline Education:
Providing flexible learning options, both online and offline.
University Placement Assistance:
Guiding students through the admission process to a variety of universities and aiding them in crafting effective CVs and resumes.
Periodic Testing and Certification:
Conducting tests every 3-6 months and awarding certificates for academic accomplishments.
Educational Support and Referrals:
Supporting students and connecting them with opportunities in government and private sectors.
International University Visits:
Organizing visits to universities in countries like India, China, Russia, Turkey, and more.
Seminars and Conferences:
Hosting seminars and conferences to enrich the educational experience.
Work-Related Support:
Assisting students in securing employment with government and private companies.
Elite Student Support:
Offering comprehensive assistance to exceptional students.
Career Exploration
Presenting Career Options:
Introducing students to diverse career paths, such as piloting and architecture.
Music and Sports Interests:
Guiding students passionate about music to suitable centers and directing sports enthusiasts to the Ministry of Sports.
Support for Aspiring Educators and Translators:
Supporting students interested in careers related to teaching English as a second/foreign language or translation.
Educational Support in Chosen Fields:
Offering educational and career support tailored to students’ individual fields of interest.
Education and Support in Commerce:
Providing education and assistance in the field of commerce.

If necessary, the Institute will offer financial assistance in the aforementioned situations

Dr. Aghil Gharaee

Business Owner


Yaser Gharaee

Elham Rezaee

آمنه نیافرد

Dr. P. Ravi Kumar

راهله عطارد

بهرام مقدس

Sobhan Amin Tehrani

Ebrahim Naeemi

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